Preventative Oral Health Care

As your family dental clinic in Sydney, Dental Care Glebe is committed to helping you and your family achieve optimum oral health. The saying “prevention is better than cure” is definitely true when it comes to preventative dental care. It is vitally important to your general health and wellbeing that you take necessary steps to prevent the occurrence of major dental problems such as disease and infection.

Regular Dental Visits

It doesn’t take very long for tartar and plaque to develop into cavities, gum diseases and other oral health problems. Parents must be aware that daily tooth brushing alone is not sufficient for their child to maintain adequate oral hygiene. It must be supplemented by professional cleaning at the dentist. Regular dental examinations are also essential to monitor the condition of your teeth and gums and look out for warning signs that you may be unaware of, including tooth decay, changes in the gum areas and underlying problems.

Dental Care For Children

The following are preventive actions to help preserve oral health through childhood:

  • A fun oral care routine Creating a fun routine helps to encourage children to brush more regularly. A coloured, fluoride toothpaste and a colourful toothbrush can help.
  • Fluoride treatmentsIf drinking water in your area is not optimally fluoridated, your child may need fluoride treatments or supplements to strengthen their tooth enamel and resist decay. Be sure to ask your dentist about supplements to determine if they are necessary for your child.
  • Fissure sealants — Sealants are made of plastic and are bonded to the teeth by the dentist. They provide a further layer of protection against cavities where teeth grooves are deep.

Children’s Dentist Sydney

You should schedule an additional visit to your dentist if you notice any of the following:

• red, swollen or bleeding gums

• extreme sensitivity to hot or cold

• difficulty chewing

• persistent bad breath

• a loose permanent tooth

• a persistent toothache

• an abscess

Keeping your regular preventative care appointment is a lot kinder to your mouth and your wallet than the results that can occur due to neglecting dentist visits. To book an appointment at Dental Care Glebe, contact our friendly team today.